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5 Vintage Christmas Decorations

One of the many things that we look forward to during the holidays is the sight of Christmas decorations that fill up houses, malls, parks. Even the streets get lit up by Christmas lights. A lot of styles and variations have been created to modify and give decorations a new look every Christmas. Some styles…

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Beistle Halloween Decorations – Vintage Halloween Decorations From the Beistle Company

Halloween decorations made by The Beistle Company are some of the most popular collectibles among fans of vintage holiday decorations. Specializing in paper party supplies such as die-cuts, centerpieces and paper plates and cups, The Beistle Company has been manufacturing Halloween novelty décor and supplies since the beginning of the 20th century. Founded in Pennsylvania…

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Vintage Christmas Decorations

The Christmas period is time for you and your family to relax, sit back, eat well, and bask in the warmth of your vintage Christmas decorations while the winter weather ravages the outside. While it is hard to go out to a store around Christmas and not find a myriad of different decorations, a lot…

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Classic Vintage Christmas Decorations

There is nothing better than sitting at home during the festive period. The warmth and brightness of a well decorated home with vintage Christmas decorations which contrast with the winter weather outside. Unfortunately it is becoming harder to get the true Christmas feeling in your home. With the rise of harsh LED Christmas decorations, it…

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