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Why Turkish Rugs Are Practical Home Decorations

One type of rug that is known for its beauty is the Turkish rug. Many of them are still hand-made in its native country, Turkey. Similar to other kinds of rug, a Turkish rug can be used as a floor decor, wall hanging or a furniture covering.

Here are three important uses of Turkish rugs as home decorations:

If you are using Turkish rugs as floor coverings, then you should put down a special kind of guard so that someone who walks on it will not slip. This is true if you are using it to cover a wood or tile floor. If you are using the Turkish rug as a way to cover a carpeted area, you would not need any kind of guard. You will find many beautiful designs when you are looking for Turkish rugs that will complement your home. These rugs tend to be very colorful and will add a bit of color as well as style to any room that they grace and make for ideal floor coverings.

Using Turkish rugs as wall coverings – Smaller Turkish rugs make ideal wall coverings. Colorful and eye-catching, they can look very attractive when you hang them on the wall. They can be used to cover up something that you do not want to see on the wall, such as an obsolete light switch or a door chime. They are light enough that they can easily be hung on poles that are affixed to the wall. Using Turkish rugs as wall covering is an ideal way to cover any wall area and can be especially useful if you have a large area that needs to be covered but you do not know what to use. Because of their design and color, they add beauty and charm to any wall they grace.

Using Turkish rugs as furniture coverings- Because they have a thick consistency but are still easy to work with, you can use Turkish rugs as furniture coverings in your home. This is one of the easiest ways to cover furniture or make pads for a chair. If you have older Turkish rugs that you are not sure what to do with, you can cut them and make chair pads that can be glued onto any chair. You can also use Turkish rugs to cover furniture such as tables or dresser tops. You can use glue to affix the rug to the furniture or a staple gun.

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