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What to Use in Decorating a Bridal Shower?

One of the most important details to make a bridal shower successful is the decoration. Decorating a bridal shower can be very crucial, because it is the part where you are setting an ambiance for the entire party. If you are planning a bridal shower with theme, then it would be a lot easier to decorate it. There are plenty of party stores where you can find so many adornments that can work perfectly with any theme you like for the shower. You can also find great ideas online, as there are now thousands of websites that specialize on weddings and bridal accessories.

Before you start decorating a bridal shower, of course you will need to think of colors to include. What colors would be best to use in the party? One great idea is to use colors that run alongside that color scheme for her wedding. Or, you can use completely different scheme for the shower only. Soft colors like shades of pink are the most common as they are relaxing, sensual, and of course feminine. But you may also consider bright colors like red and green, if you want to create a more energetic party.

After you’ve selected a perfect color scheme for the party, you will then have to think of what to use for decorations. Here are some creative ideas to help you on this matter.

Paper Decorations – there are unlimited ideas when using decorative paper to decorate a bridal shower. Some of the most common usage of them is when creating paper wedding bells, paper flowers, favor boxes, and birds. Other items you will need in creating paper decors are bent paper clips, glue, and stings. You can find a wide variety of special paper at a wide bookstore, craft store, party supplies store and online. If you don’t want to spend time working on these paper creations, you can purchase them from an online store, professionally made for you.

Candles – weddings and wedding parties will always need candles. The sparkling lights of candles create a romantic and cozy ambiance to bridal showers and wedding receptions. You can use decorative candles to enhance the look of party tables, windows, and even doorway of venue. You can find a wide variety of candles in different shapes, sizes and scents. Floating candles on a nice clear glass bowl can make a beautiful centerpiece on each table, while votive candles in elegant candle holders feature class and elegance to the place setting.

Other ideas you can use are flowers, streamers and banners. Silk flowers can be used as substitutes to expensive fresh flowers for bridal showers. Beautiful fabrics can also be used to enhance the look of tables and chairs. Bridal shower favors can double as decorative elements on tables as well. Just feel free to use your creativity and imagination. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on bridal shower decorations, but do not also compromise the quality of the event and the experience of both bride-to-be and guests just because you are on a tight budget.

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