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What Ideas Should You Expect in a Bridal Shower Party?

A bridal shower is composed of different shower ideas, from the shower theme, decorations, food to shower favors. The first step in planning a bridal shower party is to decide the theme of the celebration.

When choosing the theme, it is always best to think about something that reflect the interests and likes of the bride-to-be. For example, you can plan a kitchen-themed shower for a bride who loves to cook.

After the shower theme has been decided, you can now proceed to other shower details such as the bridal shower invitations. Choose invitations that compliments the shower theme. There are so many types of invitation designs that are available both in online and local retail stores. The number of invitation should be based on the number of guests you wish to invite. If you want to save extra bucks, you can buy a pre-printed set of invitations or make your own using your personal computer.

The theme of the shower is also your reference when choosing the bridal shower decorations. A good choice of shower decorations should give an aesthetic function as well as a practical function to the party. The basic bridal shower decorations needed are the table cloths, table napkins, centerpieces, glasses, draping fabric, banners, and other wall and ceiling ornaments.

In order to make the bridal shower more fun and memorable, plan several bridal shower games. There are so many bridal shower games to choose from. You may include traditional games such as Balloon Pop Games, The Life Thread Game, and guessing games and trivia about the couple. Of course, you will need to choose games that compliments the shower theme also.
The food you will serve should be also based on the theme of the shower. For instance, if the shower is a Mediterranean-themed party, then basically the menu you should serve are Mediterranean delicacies that include the best of Italy, Greece, France and other Mediterranean countries’ recipes.

Of course, you want to end the shower party by thanking the guests so you want to give out bridal shower favors. Giving shower favors is the least the bride-to-be can do to thank all her guests for sharing their time before her single-hood ends. And just like other shower essentials, the choice of shower favors should also reflect the theme of the occasion. Bridal shower favors can also serve as the door prizes to the shower game winners. You may also include in the invitation the types of shower gifts the guests may give to the bride-to-be. It is also best to give shower gifts that suits the theme of the shower.

Apart from bridal shower favors, which are basically the thank you gifts for the guests, the bridal shower is also the perfect time for the bride-to-be to say thank you to her bridesmaids and maid of honor. Bridesmaids gifts are the best means to show appreciation to these beautiful ladies. There are so many gift choices for bridesmaids, few of the most popular are jewelry gifts, handbags, cosmetics supplies and many more.

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