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Wedding Decorations And Ideas For The Beautiful Beginning Of Journey

“Once in a while, suddenly in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us an extraordinary day like a fairytale.” Wedding in India is not only limited to that one, it’s followed by a series of pre and post ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Be it North, South, West or East India, it is always a big fat ceremony with the perfect wedding decorations.

Rituals and ceremonies need to be exquisite and should match the bride’s glowing happiness. Here, let’s talk about South Indian wedding, their norms and wedding events. People are very auspicious about marriages and they look for the perfect wedding decoration Bangalore.

Professional people should be hired to make the day as beautiful as possible. Mostly, they choose to keep the decorations aesthetic and earthy with original flowers. They try and make best flower decoration in Bangalore that is meant to treat the guest’s eyes.

Decoration As Per Venue
* Lots of couples are now opting for getting married in the open, under the beautiful sky. Outdoor wedding decoration is quite different than the indoor ones. They need perfect light balance and proper design depending on the time and season. Emphasis on light decoration is generally given when the wedding is after sunset. During morning the color of flowers and drapes need to compatible with natural light.

* The trend is now setting on theme also. Everyone wants to see in reality, the imaginations, dreams and desires they had for their special day. Theme wedding decorations have to planned and executed in a way that a couple would get the feel of living a dream. Mostly trending themes are fairytale, pool wedding, stars from heaven and many more.

* Wedding resorts in Bangalore are also putting their creativity in making their day special. Advantage of booking a wedding resort is that they not only set theme but also provide accommodation for guests. They give their best to make the wedding as regal as possible.

Ceremonial Arrangements
The pre ceremonies are more nerve wrecking. They wait for their special day eagerly and to make wait worthy, best flower decoration in Bangalore is done.

Sangeet: It’s a fun ceremony where people sing and dance at the bride’s happiness. It’s more of a colorful peppy function which needs a fun cheerful décor.

Mehndi: The bride along with her bridesmaids put henna on their hands. Women wear that almost till their elbow and the groom writes his beloved’s name on his hand.

Haldi: Bride and groom are made to put haldi on themselves by elders as a form of blessing.

All these pre ceremonies are mostly done with a theme wedding decorations.

Their big day is the wedding day. It demands maximum arrangement and decoration. Planners and designers should be hired to make the wedding day look as beautiful as the couple in love. A reception follows on the next day of the wedding and that is their day of starting a new journey.

Use perfect drapes, match flowers and lights with theme and begin the journey of love with a perfect wedding decoration.

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