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Unique Bridal Shower Decorations for Your Happy Occasion

A bridal shower is only one of the fun gatherings related to your happy occasion. Decorating for the event should be fun and exciting, and there are plenty of items available today that will satisfy both needs.

The table is one of the key areas to decorate for a bridal shower. Start with a lovely tablecloth, but don’t bother to spend a lot of money for something fancy. Instead, choose the pretty and practical Perfect Match Rectangle Plastic Table Cover. This multicolored tablecloth reflects the reason for the wedding with its messages of faith, hope and love. And it makes a festive cover for any table at the shower.

Or if you prefer to show off the wood or glass of your table but still want to adorn that important piece of furniture, choose a pretty table runner. The Iced Spring Blue Petalled Rose Petals Runner is lovely in blue and white. It offers a touch of color and festivity to the table for the shower, but can also be used as a small rug after the party is over. It comes in pink and rose colors, too, in the Cranberry Petalled Rose Petals Runner, so you can choose the right color for the theme of your particular shower.

Adorn occasional tables around the party room with one of the many confetti decorations that are available. If you want a little glimmer for the occasion, try the 5 Carat Clear Acrylic Diamond Confetti. These are diamond shaped faux gems that can be scattered across a table top or on a mirror for even more shine. They give a touch of sophistication to the bridal shower that the guest of honor will really appreciate.

A more subtle confetti is the White Satin Butterflies for Table Confetti. This package comes with 144 satin butterflies, each one an inch and a quarter in size. They are sweet and fun, and the white satin makes them perfect for a bridal shower.

Bride and Groom Wedding Confetti is a fun choice to scatter over any table at the shower. Each dancing couple is black on one side and white on the other. They will match any color scheme and provide the perfect confetti to celebrate the day.

Accent the main table, coffee table or even the fireplace mantle with a couple of White Lace Mini Parasol Umbrellas. These six-inch long parasols are made of white lace and are the perfect size to accent the cake at a bridal shower or even to frame a white candle. These dainty umbrellas open to five inches across, which also makes them perfect for little girls to use for their dolls after the party is over.

A Hearts & Bell Centerpiece for Wedding or Bridal Shower will be the perfect finishing touch for the table. Iridescent hearts and bells rise above a circular weight that will keep this lovely centerpiece upright. It’s an elegant way to adorn a bridal shower, but don’t toss it after the shower guests go home. Save it for the happy couple’s first anniversary party!

Or you might prefer to use a candle as the table centerpiece. One lovely choice is the Lily Hydrangea Pearl Ivy Candle Ring. Surround a white candle with artificial silk flowers and greenery. Pearls accent this lovely addition to the main table. It will also look elegant on a fireplace mantle or a bookcase. Buy more than one to place around the room, then light them to give the room that romantic glow.

Placecard holders add a touch of elegance to any sit-down occasion. The Wedding Dress Placecard Holder goes one step further it adds charm to a bridal shower. Made of resin and organza, it is shaped like a pretty little wedding dress, complete with pearl accents. This is a keepsake that every attendee at the shower will love to take home.

If you have houseplants or a fireplace mantle, adorn them for the party, too. The 3 Inch Pearl White Decorative Wave Ornament is an elegant ornament that will add a touch of bling to the occasion. Each round, white ball is covered with glitter and faux gems to give it sparkle. These also come in a 4 inch style. Hang a few of them here and there around the party room and get ready to receive tons of compliments on your sense of party decorating style.

There is no rule that says a bridal shower must be held indoors. Go out to the covered patio and hang a few 8 Inch White Paper Chinese Lanterns. These are made of white paper that expands accordion-style into lovely ball-shaped lanterns. Whether you’ve chosen a fun theme or a more elegant one for the bridal shower, these make a perfect addition to the decor.

Decorating for a bridal shower should be fun, and these selections make it just that! Choose several and get your party room in beautiful shape for this happy occasion.

Mike Colman is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, including products like bridal shower decorations.
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