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Tulle Wedding Decorations for the budget-conscious Bride

Tulle wedding decorations add budget-conscious beauty to every aspect of your day. Use tulle wedding decorations as a powerful, affordable way to romanticize the atmosphere everywhere.

Tulle is a sheer fabric often used for ballet costume and veils. Tulle is easily purchased in bulk quantities. Because tulle does not fray when it’s cut, it never has to be sewn. Tulle has a hexagonal weave so it won’t fall apart when you cut it down to make a variety of tulle wedding decorations. Tulle is durable, affordable and brings gossamer magic to a variety of areas during your wedding day. You can purchase tulle in a variety of colors and with glitter. Tulle is usually made from silk, nylon or rayon. Its versatility is unsurpassed, making tulle a creative decoration material to work with.

Bring the elegance of tulle and light together to decorate the doorways and walkways at your wedding ceremony and reception. The tulle is luxurious while the light illuminates any area you want to accent including rails, flowers and tables.

If you have a church wedding ceremony, pew bows are often used to designate seating areas. Instead of ordering pew bows from a florist, you can make your own tulle wedding decorations. Tie the tulle into a bow and leave plenty of extra to drape to the floor when hung on the pews. Embellish the tulle pew bows by using gold or silver ribbons in the middle to give the decoration shape and sparkle.

Chairs are eye-catching with tulle wedding decorations. Wrap tulle over or around the top of any regular chair to transform it into wedding seating. Pin a silk flower to the tulle chair wrap for a colorful touch. Embellish the chairs for the bride and groom with tulle wraps and ribbons to spotlight the happy couple.

Brides use tulle to accent their outfits. Tulle may be used in skirts, sleeves, gloves or the bridal bouquet. Add a few layers to your bridal gown for body and a fuller shape. Make a tulle train for your bridal gown for a smooth sashay down the wedding aisle.

Soften the look of your flower stands with tulle. Bind them with ribbon into a bow. Use the same effect to decorate the main wedding table so everyone knows where the stars will sit. Add a light garland under the tulle at the wedding table to really light up the happy couple when they sit to share their wedding toast or reception dinner.

If you have a fairytale reception, you can create a fantasy world with tulle wedding decorations. Feel like a princess everyone you go by hanging tulle from the walls and ceilings of the wedding reception venue. Drape colorful tulle from one wall to another. Include clouds of tulle in doorways. Everywhere you walk, have tulle accents for a dreamy and heavenly atmosphere. You can even line your walls with tulle to guide your guests down walkways and halls to your reception area.

Tulle is also used to wrap up wedding favors. Circles of colorful tulle can be tied to cover a variety of goodies. If you give out seeds or bubbles at your wedding ceremony, tie them up in small squares or circles of colorful tulle using a small ribbon. For your wedding favors, add that extra special touch with tulle. Tulle can be used in your wedding colors to spice up the guests to your gifts. Wrap candies, mints, Jordan almonds and other wedding favors treats in a piece of tulle and tie the tops with decorative ribbons. Ordinary items are turned extraordinary with tulle to wrap them up.

The beauty of tulle is the price. For a minimal investment, you can get meters to tulle to decorate your wedding location, bridal attire and wedding favors. All the elements of your special day are more luxurious with tulle embellishments. Without breaking your budget, tulle wedding decorations add elegance to every detail to your day. If you purchase tulle well before your wedding, make sure to store it in a dark place away from direct light so it doesn’t disintegrate.

Jennifer Mills is a bridal expert on Articles4Brides.ca and BridalArticles.ca. These sites offer primarily articles on wedding planning, including purchasing wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts.

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