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Tips For Storing Your Christmas Decorations In The Garage Effectively

With Christmas round the corner again it is the time of year where you need to unpack the decorations from your garage. This can be a nice festive experience but unfortunately it can also be a pain in the neck as you can sometimes feel that you are spending more time unpacking than enjoying the festive season with your family.

If you have packed away your Christmas decorations in the garage, the chances are that you will need to use this space again in the next few months or so. To simplify your life, bear the following tips in mind when putting your festive decorations away.

One commonly recurring problem when it comes to Christmas decorations is remembering where you stored them in your garage last year. The way to tackle this problem is to categorise each different type of Christmas decoration and to separate them out into these categories.

An example of how you can do this is to separate out all the large decorations, tinsel and baubles into different categories. Another way of categorising is to separate out into categories according to the different rooms that they will be going into. Therefore if you are putting the decorations into garage storage units with different compartments it would be sensible to have a separate category in each compartment. It would also be helpful to label each compartment.

A tip which is especially useful for larger decorations would be to wrap them in a plastic bag before they are stored away for the year. This will hopefully mean that these items will be dust free the next time you come to use them and will also be protected from any damp which may occur in the garage.

Lastly, one of the major problems when it comes to unpacking the decorations is untangling the Christmas lights, a very time consuming task. To prevent this problem from occurring, a good tip is to wrap the lights around a strip of cardboard. An alternative to this is to buy a new set of lights for next to nothing in Christmas clearance sales and use them for next year.

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