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The Perfect Fourth Of July Party

As the summer gets closer, it is only natural that people begin thinking about entertaining and especially about partying on the Fourth of July. This is a perfect occasion for a huge company event, a family reunion or just gathering dozens of your closest friends. Here are some suggestions for a great patriotic party.

When planning your festive patriotic buffet, consider adding the typical items such as a variety of salads, dips and chips. Many stores sell red and blue potato chips and tortilla chips, which can be a fun holiday addition to the food. A fruit salad with blueberries, watermelon and some mini marshmallows makes a fun Fourth treat. In addition, consider the typical holiday foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as some gourmet sausages and grilled chicken.

The buffet area itself should be a patriotic masterpiece. Cover the table with a dark blue or red cloth and sprinkle star confetti on top. Then place LED serving trays on the table and place your food plates and bowls on top. This LED technology provides a fun Fourth of July glow.

Light-up drinking glasses are a great idea for an Independence Day event, as everyone is looking forward to a night full of fireworks. There are tons of choices, from light-up beer mugs to wine glasses to pilsners that actually glow in red, white and blue. There are even Fourth of July cups and glowing LED straws, which your younger guests will love.

Light up your home or party room with red, white and blue star-shaped string lights. These LED lights are a perfect and safe decoration for your Fourth of July event. You can also add some electroluminescent lights as well. These are battery powered and make great outdoor decorations. Wrap them around pillars or trees for a blue, white and red glowing effect.

Another good idea is to play American and patriotic music in the background. Include old standards, such as God Bless America and Grand Old Flag, as well as the national anthem. In addition, put in popular music by American artists. Try to find some titles that are patriotic or American themed.

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