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The Most Effective Cheap Wedding Decorations

1. Candles
Candles are a favourite for inexpensive wedding decorations. They offer romantic and understated lighting for your space at an inexpensive price. When dotted around your venue, they’ll look stunning. Use them for your centre pieces, decorate large pillar candles at different heights or use floating candles. Tealights and lanterns in, around and outside your venue will look spectacular.

2. Balloons
Classily done, balloons can be clever wedding decorations for those with a smaller budget. Balloons are really versatile and a good deal cheaper than many other options. You can do amazing things with balloons; a balloon archway, elevated centrepieces, chair decorations, for something very special you could even have a balloon drop at the end of the night. Go for balloons that match your wedding colours.

3. Photographs
For lovely, individual wedding decorations, find some pre-wedding photo’s of the two of you. Put these pics inside inexpensive picture frames and you’ve got wedding decorations that can be displayed anywhere.

4. Organic
Turn to Mother Nature for ideas, looking outside at natural things can provide a wide range of inexpensive wedding decorations. Natural objects like stones, leaves, pine cones, shells, pebbles and even twigs will add an natural aspect to your decoration. Decorate with glitter or spray, place in shabby chic containers or scatter around your venue for an au natural wedding.

5. Fruits
Fruits are a brilliant way to decorate your reception tables and may plus be used as centrepieces. The fruits should be picked in a colour that complements the overall look of the event. Citrus fruits are a perfect match for shades of yellow, green and orange. Apples, grapes and pomegranates will accompany reds, purples and pinks like a dream. You can also use fruit to suggest the season in your wedding decorations – summer berries or autumnal pumpkins.

6. Twinkle Lights
White or gold lights twinkle lights can look stunning. Use net lights for your backdrops, wrap them around plants and shrubs, string them around the head table, they’ll create a magical glow when evening comes. Just stay away from multi-coloured lights so your wedding decorations don’t inadvertently look like Xmas has arrived.

7. Tulle
Not only is Tulle inexpensive, it is easy to work with and versatile. Drape tulle fabric around the head table, use it on the backs of chairs, wrap it around pillars, cover unsightly walls. For something amazing you could even make a ceiling canopy. Tulle is offered in a variety of different colours so you don’t have to use all white either.

8. Still Want Flowers?
Many Brides just have their hearts set on flowers for their wedding decorations. How do you use flowers while staying within a strict budget? Firstly, avoid flowers that aren’t in season. Fake flowers are another option; you can get quality artificial flowers these days that will not break the bank. If you must have fresh then you’ll need to keep the damage to a minimum. As opposed to having arrangements on your tables, you could scatter pretty petals over the tables. Otherwise a single stem flower in an elegant vase is simple but sophisticated. Another trick is to bring your ceremony flowers to the reception. Decorate your cake or gift table and your guests will never know.

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