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Strip bowknot–mother’s love

Have a look to today’s fashion magazines, stripe bowknot is back. Young girl catching up with the trend decorate their hair and clothes with mixed strip bowknots has been beautiful scenery on the street. All this reminds me of my mother who has a great love for strip bowknot.
Like all mothers in the whole world, my mother is very diligent on how to dress me up, though at that moment, we are very poor, meat and fruits were luxuries for us, my mother was very generous on buying decorations. When I was in primary school, strip bowknot was the most popular accessories for young girls who lived in a rich family. Girls born in poor family only had a simple band to tie up their hair; the strip bowknot was a dream to most of them, but my mom always bought different color strip bowknot for me, and I will never forget her smile when she bought a new strip bowknot to me, she would take a long time to think about what hairstyle would fit it, she refused to tie my hair in a simple ponytail, instead, she liked to tie my hair in a Centipede braids. Every morning I could accept many Envy eyes on my road to school. I was very shy and didn’t like to be the focus in the school, but my mother used to make me like a little princess. I still remember that day when I feel shame on my mother and began to resist her. That happened on a self-study lesson, the class is very quiet. Suddenly, I heard a familiar laugh comes from the door, and then I saw my mother came to the class without knocking the door, in her hand is a pair of beautiful pants, one dome hat with decorative tassels, and a dark red Strip bowknot. As soon as she came to me, she began to take off my trousers and put the new pants on me. I felt my face is very hot and everyone was watching my mother’s action. I had a fierce quarrel with my mom after back home, and I had been the topic for my teachers and classmates for a long time.
Our quarrel didn’t change my mom, she always used to think new ideas about how to dress me up, she was fond of handmade, so she liked to buy raw materials such as cheap pom poms and cheap apparel fabric to make shoes and scarf for me. But I never felt grateful, sometimes, I thought she doing this not for me just wanted to show her workmanship and fed her vanity. Since I entered the middle school, I began to refuse to dress the clothes she made to me, because it is so ugly and childish to dress clothes with strip bowknot. Most of my classmates bought the fashionable style clothes from the shop. I felt a little self-abased, but my mom still pound of her handmade clothes and bought all kinds of Strip bowknot for me.
I’m now older enough to be a mother; my mother still treats me as a child. Recently, she was crazy about handmade woven bags; she always likes to knit a Strip bowknot on the belt of the bags. As I have experienced many things and begin to understand my mother’s love to me, she persists on giving the best thing she has to me. Though, I never say thanks to her and never cherish the crafts she made for me, she still wait with the endless patient.
Thanks God, my mother still very healthy and has a nature love for the handcrafts she made, and still tries her best to bring happiness to our family.

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