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Secrets To Decorating For Easter On A Budget

Easter comes at the end of Lent and serves as a time of great celebration, and regardless of how tightly you may be holding your purse strings, you don’t have to make a large dent in your budget to find decorating for Easter creative and exciting.

You will be able to decorting beautifully by using your fertile imagiation, everything from your kids’ Easter gifts and baskets to your living room; all on a shoestring. Let your ingenuity take the reins this Easter so you can make this springtime holiday truly special and festive while staying frugal.

Below are just a few ways to keep you on track to an affordably beautiful Easter:

• Take a look around the house for items from Easters past: check the attic, the basement, the storage closets, and the garage. You may even want to take a peek into that dreaded “junk drawer” to see what treasures lie within. This sweep of the house will help you to defray any potential costs from having to trek to the store for crafts. See if you can restore, refresh, or update those items already at your disposal.

• Visit your local secondhand or thrift stores: Heading out to the thrift store gives you an opportunity to make someone’s decorations from last year brand new to you and yours. Keep in mind what you want to create this Easter when you make your thrift store pilgrimage. You may stumble on someone’s pastel pails or previously and gently used Easter baskets that you can spruce up with ribbons and grass. No one will be the wiser once you put your fine touch upon gently used items.

• Make a friendly trade: Make it possible for friends and neighbors to enjoy fun updates for this year’s Easter decorations and talk to them about what they have on hand and making a trade. Maybe you can even work with a group and plan for this type of exchange so each year you can all have a fresh mix of new Easter supplies while spending very little. You can also meet other local Easter decorators online who want to live frugally while still decorating for Easter. Trade lightly used egg scatter, wreaths, Easter baskets, tablecloths, plastic eggs and other Easter treasures.

• Find online outlets: The internet is a great place to find a resource of inexpensive but great looking decorations for every holiday. You can shop from your own home, have the items shipped directly to you and have the best selection of items to choose from.

Easter decorating and Easter gift ideas can be elegant, simple, colorful or wild! And it doesn’t have to cost a lot to make this holiday super special and memorable. You will be able to fill your home with a combination of reasonably priced and even free Easter decorations with these money saving ideas in mind.

Bianca Bowman adds Easter gifts colorfully wrapped to match her Easter decor and enjoys the spring freshness that Easter decorating brings. The Easter gift ideas available at Lillian Vernon cater to every age, style and price range and are sure bring additional joy to this joyous day.

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