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Pointers for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Planning and preparing for your baby’s first birthday party is not easy, but it is not too difficult at the same time. As long as you are familiar with the factors that need to be considered, you should be good to go. Generally, there are at least five things you need to keep in mind when planning for a simple baby’s party: the venue, the invites, the food, the decorations, and the party favors.

Venue and Time

The venue and the time of the party is the most important factor you need to put into consideration because it is where most of the other factors would depend. You have two options when it comes to the venue. The first option is to rent. If you’re going to rent, pick a location that’s near your house and near the homes of your guests. One of the main advantages of renting is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning after the party’s over.

Your other option would be to have the venue in your own home. This will only work, though, if you have plenty of space for the event. Regarding the time of the party, your basis should be your baby’s daytime schedule. Ideally, you would want to pick a time of the day that your little one is most awake. Picking a time corresponding to his nap time would only get you in trouble because that would mean your baby will be cranky throughout the event.


Since your baby still can’t pick a theme on his own, it’s up to you to choose what kind of birthday party you will throw for him. It may be based on his favorite show at the moment, or on a toy he plays a lot with. The idea is limitless so let your creative juices flow and don’t let what you see on the internet limit you.


There is only one thing you need to keep in mind when making the invitations and that is they are supposed to say everything about the party. This means the design of the cards should match the party’s theme and should be able to give the guests an idea of what to expect when they arrive. You can go for electronic invitations if you are on a tight budget, but you can’t expect them to be as presentable and exciting as “real” invitation cards that you either buy online or make on your own.


The food is really more for the parents than for the kids. Children will usually focus more on the games than on the food when they’re attending parties so just prepare a few finger foods for them. It’s also a good idea to go for homemade snacks. You can also order some pizza or prepare a bowl with some colorful diced fruits.


Unless you’re throwing a grand first birthday party for your baby, you shouldn’t go crazy with the décors at all. The main thing you need to focus on, though, is the buffet table and the backdrop. You can fill the table with printed signs saying “Happy Birthday, Dave!” and stuff like that or place a backdrop with a large printed photo of your baby on it. Again, the idea is limitless. If you need ideas on party decorations, don’t hesitate to visit online sites.


Everybody would love to leave the party carrying a bag of favors with them so don’t forget to prepare enough party favor containers for your guests. You can fill them with sweets like candies and chocolates, and other souvenir items to match with the party’s theme.

Richard Curtain works for Partiesonline.com.au as a writer and blogger. With extensive experience in scouting for kids birthday party decorations in Partiesonline.com.au, Richard Curtain is your go-to guide for catering and party planning in Melbourne.
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