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Picking the Perfect Bridal Shower Decorations for the Big Party

Second only to the bride and the groom, the role of Maid of Honor is a big honor indeed, and an integral role to any modern wedding. These days, the maid of honor is responsible for having a strong hand in wedding planning, assisting her best friend / bride-to-be with all the little details that her future husband doesn’t care for. She’ll help choose flowers and coordinate party locations, but most of all, she’ll plan both the bachelorette party and the bridal shower – the two most important events besides the big day itself.

It’s a heavy load for one woman to shoulder, especially when you’re in charge of picking the perfect bridal shower decorations for the big party. Stressful? Perhaps. But with a few simple planning ideas and some good friends by your side, you’ll pull of some seriously great party planning.

First and foremost, you’ve got to decide on a theme. Most likely, you’ll want to consult with the bride on this front – maybe she’s planning a super romantic wedding that’s very formal, with a big train on her wedding gown and a service being led by the pastor from her childhood. She might want something fairly classic. But maybe your bride will choose something more unorthodox. Perhaps she and her fiancé are going to get married on the beach in Hawaii. If that’s the case, you’re going to want your bridal shower decorations to reflect a beachy theme.

Themes are a great asset to any party planning endeavor, but they come in handy especially when planning an event such as a bridal shower, where every single detail matters, down to the tiniest thing.

Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can get shopping! When it comes time to send out invitations, don’t be caught without some gorgeous, classic, black and white bridal shower ribbon. Grab a couple of yards of this and lace it through the top of each invitation, and consider encouraging guests to wrap their gifts with the ribbon as well to keep the theme present throughout.

Having trouble deciding what to put at the tables? A bouquet of flowers is a no brainer, but since this is a bridal shower, you’re going to need a little bit of sparkle! Consider a handful of 20-carat clear acrylic diamonds. This faux bling looks adorable and appropriate scattered across the tables at the bridal shower, but they also come with a small hole for you to attach a ribbon so you can tie them to bridal favors, invites, etc. They’re best as table scatters for the party, but they could also be reused at the wedding reception, making them a great investment!

Another great option for centerpieces is to go for a beautiful table runner. Romantic and unique, a rose petal table runner is a gorgeous addition to any table. In pink and blue shades, this fantastic runner looks just like rose petals, signaling romance and love on the day of the bridal shower without being cheesy or corny about it. Once you’re done, this gorgeous table runner can be re-used again and again. Many have used it as a rug in their little girl’s room, or taken it out and put it on the dining room table come holiday season. For a romantic, garden party feel, bring nature in with a rose petals table runner.

If you’re planning on throwing your party outdoors, don’t go without a set of hanging whitewashed sphere wire tea light holders. These gorgeous sources of light sparkle in the night, lighting up the dance floor. Place a small candle or even a pretty floral arrangement inside these spheres and then hang them around the party area. Slightly vintage, these holders offer a unique lighting effect for home, wedding or party! If your bride is planning an outdoor wedding and likes things shabby chic, she will absolutely love these lights.

Another great asset for outdoor weddings is the classic white paper lantern. Many people think paper lanterns are a tired theme, but the truth is that they’re overused because they’re not only inexpensive but also beautiful. A room full of hanging balls of light is positively spectacular, but a garden full of them? Breathtaking! These white paper lanterns expand like an accordion into a round ball shape. They’ve been used in Asian festivals for centuries, but lately, they’ve made their way into American décor, and have become extremely popular with those opting for outdoor celebrations, weddings included. They cast a soft glow of light for a romantic atmosphere that couldn’t be more perfect.

As you can see, with some simple planning, shopping for the perfect bridal shower decorations isn’t all that hard. Being a maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibilities, but it also stands up to its name – it’s a big honor. And you’re going to pull off the best bridal shower ever!

Zack Spence is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, including products like bridal shower decorations .

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