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Picking Out Charming Bridal Shower Decorations

There are plenty of bridal shower decorations available these days. But your friend is a special lady, and this bride-to-be deserves the most charming bridal shower decorations that you can find.

Begin with a table cloth. The White Damask Table Cloth is perfect for a bridal shower. In white polyester, it is lovely and easy to keep clean. You’ll be able to use it for many types of parties after the shower. Or give it to the bride-to-be as one of her gifts – after you’ve washed it, of course. Whether you keep it or give it away, this table cloth is the perfect base to use as you begin to decorate your home for this important event.

Of course, you’ll need a lovely centerpiece for the main table. Whether your guests sit around a dining room table or a coffee table, the Lily Hydrangea Pearl Ivy Candle Ring is perfect for a bridal shower. The silk lilies and hydrangeas surround a ring into which you can place a separately purchased white candle. English ivy weaves through the arrangement, adding that touch of romance to the piece.

Drape White Sheer Organza Glitter Swirls around the buffet table or the banisters of your staircase. It adds an elegant glamour to your décor that will have all the guests smiling. The white and gold is perfect for a bridal shower, and the polyester makes it easy to work with as you decorate your home or party room.

Whatever flavor of cake you choose to serve at the party, top it with the Elegant Rose and Stephanotis Silk Floral Cake Topper. Greenery accents the roses and other flowers in this lovely bouquet, and white satin ribbon weaves among the blooms. This piece comes with a keepsake box so the bride-to-be can treasure it always.

Another easy way to decorate is to layer the party room with flowers. The 32 inch Artificial White Weeping Cypress Spray can be added to your own floral arrangements to turn them into party decorations. Or lay several of these sprays along the mantle of your fireplace. These are beautiful and simple decorations that are perfect for any bridal shower.

Another pretty accent or centerpiece is the Hearts & Bell Centerpiece for Wedding or Bridal Shower. This is an elegant arrangement that is slightly weighted, so it will stay where you put it. Hearts and bells shimmer on tall stems, the iridescence giving off a myriad of colors that will go with any color scheme that you choose for the party.

Confetti is always a fun party decoration, and choosing one for a bridal shower has never been easier. The Package of 144 Ivory Satin Butterflies for Table Confetti can be scattered over the buffet table or the entry table. After the party, the guests can each take home a few to be used by their children for even more fun time. They can be added to dolls to make fairy wings, used in scrapbooking or just used for fun bedroom decorations.

Another fun confetti that is perfect for a bridal shower is the Bride and Groom Wedding Confetti. Shaped like a dancing bride and groom, these come in black on one side and white on the other. They look fun and elegant when scattered around the buffet table.

You might want to add some glitter to the occasion with the 5 Carat Clear Acrylic Diamond Confetti. These are a bunch of tiny diamond-shaped gems that look real. Scatter them on the tables at the shower or sprinkle some on a mirror before placing your centerpiece there. Each bag contains 400 pieces – plenty to make your entire party room sparkle.

Of course, you’ll want each guest to take home a nice party favor. Fortunately, you can use those party favors as part of your décor, too. The Lavender Rose Heart Trinket Favor Box is a pretty little keepsake on its own. But when you tuck another party favor inside, it becomes a little gift box. The rose and petals on the top of the box are only one precious detail of this pretty box. There are glimmering little dew drops around the base of the lavender box, giving it a hint of sparkle that will have all your guests smiling.

Another elegant favor wrapping is the Pink Flower Organza Bag. Tuck candy, little candles, or other small gifts inside this pretty organza bag, then draw it closed with its satin drawstring. Simple pink flowers and greenery adorn the bag, giving it a pretty and feminine look. Or you might prefer to use the White Dahlia Organza Bag. It, too, makes a great way to give out party favors, and it looks pretty sitting at each guest’s place setting. Homemade soaps or bath salts make wonderful party favors, and they will fit perfectly inside these elegant organza and satin bags. Plan your party decorations carefully and you’re sure to receive plenty of compliments from all your guests. And of course, the bride-to-be will appreciate your efforts most of all.

Mike Smithy is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, including products like bridal shower decorations .

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