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Organizing a Party for Your Baby’s First Birthday

A child’s first birthday is a milestone in life. It represents a parent’s success of care and love in this critical period of life. In some sense, since the child does not have mental capacity to understand the concept of birthdays, it is often celebrated more for the family, friends and parents than the child. This party is less formal and allows a lot more flexibility in terms of who you are inviting to the party. Often, this is the time that most parents get to invite more people to celebrate with them than their own weddings. While it is less formal, organizing it does not make it less it less difficult. Like any event, there are a few things that can make your party quite hectic. Making decisions, setting schedules and choosing the right birthday party decorations can take a toll on anyone. Hopefully, the following tips can help you organize a celebration that no one will forget.

Pick a Theme

Themes are the foundation of any party. Whether it is for a teenager, senior citizen or your new-born baby, the theme ‘makes’ the party. It is the cohesive element that will set the mood of the party. Before you set any plans or buy any food or supplies, make sure that you have list of good ideas for the theme. Run these ideas by with your partner and family or friends so you have a good perspective on how it will be received.

Pick a Color

If you do not find a theme that you like or you find them cliché, why not pick a color theme instead? Find a swatch of colors that you like and use it to decorate the venue and make the party favors. Instead of developing your party according to themes, you can have the flexibility of making a party you like that will still look cohesive. Be sure that you let everyone know the color theme so they will be able to dress up in the appropriate colors that you have chosen.

Make Good Invitations

Invitations are what set the mood and expectation of the party. It is best that you make party invitations that will make a good impression. You can either have them created by an artist have them handmade. While social media sites or emails are easier to use for inviting a lot of people, receiving invitations by mail or delivered by hand adds a special touch to the celebrations.

Party Food

The best option for any party is to have your food catered. While home-cooked meals are often more tasty, they are more time-consuming to prepare. If you do not have time, look for a venue that offers cater food packages. Having the food cooked, served and cleaned-up after is one big headache that you can avoid with food caterers. Just make sure that you are able to taste test the food and are clear with the menu.

The Bottom line

Keep your birthday party organization worry-free by keeping things simple. Get help from your friends and family, and hire a caterer if you can. Good luck!

It’s the small things that matter, especially in parties. Make your child birthday party memorable with party favors, decorations and giveaways. Click through partiesonline.com.au for some ideas on great birthday party decorations.

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