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No Ordinary Easter Celebration

One of the best times to gather families and friends for a wonderful celebration is during Easter particularly those who are Catholics where the celebration is deeper, more meaningful and more inspiring. To further heighten the merry mood of the said occasion, festive Easter trimmings and other related adornments should placed in the house so everyone could truly feel the Easter vibe. It’s like celebrating Christmas, you know and there should be decorations littering the house and lighting up the spirits of the dwellers. Don’t ever forget that Easter is a very significant event that is worthy of preparations and attention so celebrate it as if it’s the second Christmas or the earlier Christmas at that one since it falls sometime either in March or April.

There are many sources of ideas and suggestions for Easter decorations and one of which is the ever reliable Internet. There are numerous online stores out there in the World Wide Web that offer a range of products perfect for events such as Easter. Of course don’t forget to include those that are called as Easter staples which are the bunnies and the eggs. Other items to consider are the baskets, flower garlands (and the flowers need not be fresh as artificial ones will do if you are on a strict budget) and festoons.

Countries located in the northern hemisphere (like the countries composing the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada) welcomes Easter with much ardor and enthusiasm since this occasion welcomes the coming of spring and everybody loves springtime where the flowers starts to bloom and the harvests become bountiful and there is a soft breeze lingering in the air and everybody just have this relaxing feeling while strolling down the streets or jogging at the park as they breathe in fresh, sweet, spring air.

Have you ever wondered why rabbits are associated with Easter and why rabbits are portrayed to lay eggs? This is actually associated to a pagan believe. A pagan goddess with the name of Easter was thought to sympathize with birds when their wings were frozen during winter. She had changed these birds into rabbits and the rabbits could still lay eggs as if they are birds. Dressing up in bunny costume for Easter and pretending to lay eggs would be a fun thing to do especially for children.

Now did Easter further made the rabbit unique by making its eggs in various colors? Though it was never mentioned in the story, it s already the people who delighted in painting the eggs not just in one color but in different pastels and even do so in a decorative manner. And for those who would want to be extra different in Easter and would strongly like to veer away from the traditional bunny, poodle skirt costumes could be the right outfit for those who want to stand out or simply want to make a difference for a while. After all, rabbits and dogs could be good friends, right?

You can dress up as a bunny, have lots of multi-colored hard boiled eggs and engaged in many fun Easter activities but there is still one thing you can do for Easter, which is putting up an Easter tree. It might sound odd but think about it; Easter is another festive season such as Christmas and it too deserve a tree decorated with many Easter associated ornaments. These ornaments can be cut-out bunnies and even empty egg shells painted beautifully. Even a small tree would do; probably something that could sit on a table.

The empty egg shells can be further enhanced with inspiring messages inside them. You can then ask your friends and families to crack open their chosen eggs so that they can then read what message is for them. It really does bring a whole new meaning to Easter by making it more exciting and interesting.

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