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Meaning of Easter Gifts

According to Christian churches, Easter is an important celebration that marks Jesus being hung on the cross and resurrected. He was hung on the cross on Good Friday, and resurrected three days later on Easter Sunday. Easter comes at the end of the period of Lent that starts on Ash Wednesday. It is a time to atone and prepare for the Easter festival.

Eggs have been the most common Easter gift over the years and are the most recognizable Easter symbol. They symbolize a birth and a new life. Easter eggs have always been decorated with beautiful colors and used for Easter games. They have also been given as gifts.

Each Easter season we generally bring our relatives and acquaintances milk chocolate rabbits or jelly beans. It’s a yearly occurrence. We all pull our chairs up to the dining table and happily consume lots of hard boiled eggs. Custom requires giving small tokens to spread the joy around. These are generally various candies made in the shape of eggs

You can give your child a soft stuffed bunny that she can sleep with at night. A large, cuddly bunny makes a great gift for an adult as well. It says both “I love you” and “Happy Easter” to your loved one in a special way.

You can use plants that way too. Potted blossoms are so much nicer than a handful of daisies that will wilt before long. Give a gift of tulips, irises, lilies, or even just some greenery with a little bird sitting on it. Any home looks warmer and more beautiful with colorful plants.

The Easter Lily is the blossom that is most frequently brought as a present at Easter time. It has both a pleasing shape and a pleasant scent. Choose one that looks good on all sides. You want one which has proper proportions and is not overly low or overly high. Florists offer lovely blossoms during this season, and delivery is invariably included. They arrive boxed, with a custom gift card and a sheet that tells the recipient how to arrange and care for them.

Yet another ideal gift for children or adults may be doorstops, which can be in rooster design. It looks very nice, serves every home and will remind you of springtime no matter what season of the year it is. You have the option of giving decorative items as easter gifts. There is a vast selection of Easter decorations on the market. For example a cute seasonal door wreath to warmly welcome your visitors over the easter holiday. Each one is personally-crafted with fresh foliage, crisp herbs and gentile moss and decorated with easter nests they are sure to please the eye.

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