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Loft Ladder

Make access into the roof space of your home easier by using a Loft Ladder

What’s your loft used for at the moment? Is it a dumping ground for festive decorations, old suitcases and boxes of books? When you try to get into the loft do you balance precariously upon a set of steps? You could be at risk from injury every time you slide back the loft hatch if you don’t use a proper Loft Ladder during your ascent. A telescopic Loft Ladder could make life easier for you and trips into the roof space could be less fraught.

Using a telescopic Loft Ladder in three easy steps

Once you have a telescopic Loft Ladder in place you’ll find that accessing your lift is a simple and straightforward task. First, you open the hatch and lower the Loft Ladder Into position. You don’t have to worry about the Loft Ladder locking into position because it does this automatically and just for good measure, highly visible markers can be seen to verify this fact. Then, you are free to climb carefully into the loft to retrieve that old sparsely-spruced, fake-fir Christmas tree, or whatever it is you are looking for. Once you descend the Loft Ladder it can be closed down and pushed back into the loft hatch.

Fitting a Loft Ladder

You can leave this bit to the experts if you like. Some companies will supply and fit a Loft Ladder for you and carry out any alterations that you might need to your loft access area. Keep things simple if you can and you’ll soon have a new Loft Ladder in place that gives you great access to your roof area. Once the Loft Ladder has been fitted it can be used as often as you like and you might just find you start utilising the roof space that is available in your home a little more. It makes a great deal of sense to have Loft Ladder fitted, especially if you are dicing with death at the moment, perched upon a set of rickety steps, whenever you lift your loft hatch.

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