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Light up your and your family’s mood with outdoor decorations

While celebrating any kind of a festive event – either a personal event like a birthday or a holiday like Christmas – people tend to illuminate their house and surroundings with bright lights, both inside and outside the house. These decorations can be so beautiful that it wows people when they look at it and appreciate all the work that was done.

In ancient times, outdoor Christmas decorations meant just hanging some leaves and branches of evergreen trees around the windows and doors as it was popular belief that the leaves and branches warded away illness and evil ghosts (Go figure!). As technology advanced, so did the ideas of decorations for Christmas. After the 1930’s, when electricity was already invented and advanced to great degree, people started using electrical decorations for their houses and environment. In modern times, some of the decorations which can be used are –

* Starry string lights draped around branches or hung from banisters for that special festive glow
* Red poinsettia wreaths can be hung from doors.
* Snowflake rope lights to give the idea of snowing, hung from trees or roofs
* Hang bright coloured reflector ornaments from branches or ceilings or porch overhangs.
* Put out a ‘holiday greetings’ welcome mat for guests.
* Max a box and store candy cane for kids to take

Now, make a plan to buy the right kind of outdoor Christmas decorations to save money but also get perfect stuff you need. Here are few pointers which can be followed –

* Draw your ideas in a photograph of you house for the decorations as you can correctly calculate the lighting requirements with a detailed plan.
* Before hanging any lights, be sure to check whether they are working properly or not.
* Work with the shape of your house’s architecture as your goal is to highlight the existing shapes of your house.
* Try to create a pleasant vignette by highlighting several trees and shrubs and also by varying bulb size for each and every plant.
* Use coloured floodlights of either crispy white or seasonal green to illuminate any evergreen trees that you might have.

To ensure the safety of your Christmas decorations around the house is, not in any way, unsafe, follow these five tips –
* Always consider the architecture of your house as it is very important that you know what type of a home you have and then decorate it.
* Get a mixture of fresh and artificial garlands for doors and large areas for the fragrance and appeal.
* Always make your calculations for the proper decorations in advance as it is very important you get the right length and shape.
* Don’t go for small wreaths or garlands as they make the worst kind of decoration you can have for a festive event.
* Don’t forget the occasional extravagance like a bird bath or a back deck.

Diana Dolson is an excellent and talented interior decorator who Outdoor Christmas decorations She, in this passage, focuses on the various Christmas decorations which are available and the ways in which they are used.
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