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It’s not too early to begin shopping for Christmas tree decorations

Consumers who have already begun thinking about Christmas need not be put off buying items for the celebration by those who say it is too early to get stocked up.

One shop in London has already begun offering items such as Christmas tree decorations to those determined to get their shopping underway as soon as possible.

According to a report in the Guardian, Selfridges in London has launched its festive season, displaying items to adorn homes in, such as Christmas baubles.

The publication stated: “Oxford Street’s forward-thinking shoppers can now nip out of the scorching midday sun and stock up on crackers, fairy lights and paint-your-own baubles.”

It added: “But it’s the middle of summer. Indeed. And in the middle of summer what Selfridges customers want is a £500 life-size donkey and a 14ft pre-lit Christmas tree.”

According to buying manager at the department store Geraldine James, it will eventually be the case that keen consumers can enter the premises to get festive goodies at any point in the calendar.

She said: “I can see a time when we offer a Christmas collection throughout the year.”

Indeed, the 2010 festive selection available at the retail outlet was opened a week earlier this year than it was in 2009, suggesting the trend Ms James predicted is already underway.

Getting shopping for items such as Christmas tree decorations underway early may be beneficial for consumers at present given the strained nature of many people’s finances. Since the onset of the recession, consumers have been seeking to cut back on expenditure.

By purchasing items in small amounts between now and the middle of December, they may be able to budget more successfully.

Another way in which people can save cash is by seeking such items online, as this often works out cheaper than heading to the high street.

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