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Innovative Ideas For A Perfect Garden Wedding

For a garden wedding in Sydney spring is the best time. Spring symbolises fresh start in nature and what can be more apt for a wedding, after all wedding is also a start of a new phase of life for any couple. Probably this is the reason why spring weddings have become such a fad these days. The best venue for a spring wedding is undoubtedly a garden. Nothing can beat the beauty of a colourful and fresh backdrop of a full bloom spring garden. If you are lucky you may also have warm and sunny weather on your special day that can add a warm touch to your wedding celebrations.

The first thing that comes to mind for a spring wedding is the array of vibrant colours. Nature is at its best during spring so you can jazz up the reception decorations by just adding some bright coloured drapes. Going the fresh mood of spring choose a vibrant colour for the attendant’s apparels like yellow, purple, pink, etc. Welcome your guests with pretty flowers of the same colour which they can tuck in their hair or lapel. You can also include your colour scheme in the napkins, candles, table cloth and even to the wedding table decorations. Including different shades of the same colour can give a wow effect to your wedding reception.

Lighting is a crucial element of any wedding. Use some soft lights to create the perfect ambiance for your guests at the wedding reception. With the clever use of lights you can make the central flower decoration look fab and add some glamour to your wedding reception. Create a dance floor by adding some disco lights to encourage your guests to try their moves on the floor.

Do things differently. Set the perfect mood by playing the sweet sound of birds chirping and the rhythmic, soothing sound of the trickling stream water. This will compliment with your garden wedding theme in Sydney.

Get creative add some fantasy to your wedding theme by including delicate and beautiful fairy wings in the costume of your cute flower girls. A cool idea for spring wedding favours can be colourful small flower pots. This is a delightful and eco-friendly gift the guests can take home.

Think out of the box and add your personalised touches to your garden wedding in Sydney. This is sure to impress your guests and everyone will fondly remember your perfect wedding for years to come.

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