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How to Plan for a Finding Nemo Themed Birthday Party?

Do you want to gift a unique birthday party to your loved little one? Then why trod the much trodden paths? Finding Nemo was a Disney animation movie that captured the attention of kids all over the world. It is also used as a theme for birthday parties. Though the party theme is quite new, but arranging for such a party is not difficult at all. In this article all the essentials of organizing a Finding Nemo themed party and the party decorations needed, will be discussed.

The first thing that comes to mind when organizing a themed party is the invitation card. The invitation card itself gives away the theme of the party and the guests can come prepared on the big day. You can design festive clownfish invites at home with little efforts. The kids can play their parts while you supervise them and cut the Nemo inspired cards. There are Nemo themed card supplies available with the party decorations specialists. You can use glassine envelopes to recreate an aquarium like feel. Use some colored sands, tiny seashells and glitters within the envelope. No matter how much you decorate the envelope leave some space for the postal stamps.

You can use innovative foods for the Finding Nemo themed birthday party. One of the favorites is the Squirt Happy Turtlecakes. These are a type of cupcakes that are inspired from the sea turtles. Bake and frost these cakes and then place them on a decorative candy bowl. These cakes can be sent to homes of the invitees as party favors. Use clear plastic jewel boxes that are lined with wax paper and have a layer of coconut tinted blue food coloring. As the birthday cake you may select the Marlin and Dorry’s Jellyfish Cake. The cake should be laid out on aqua blue vinyl table cloth and the table stand should be matching too. Your desert itself will decorate the centerpiece. Place some chairs that have white balloons and white curling ribbons affixed to it. This will give a typical bubble like effect. If you want to select a snack for the Finding Nemo themed birthday party then use Spinach Squirt-tatas. You can even order for some Chocolate moulds and make some cupcakes, but make sure they are decorated with aqua blue food coloring.

Next it comes to the decorations of the party area. Order for some Jazzy jellyfish decorations from the party decorations stores, these jellyfish like decoration items should be hung from the ceiling. The Jazzy jellyfish danglers give an ideal under sea effect to your party. You may even order for some Nemo party hats from the party decorations store or make them yourself. Make sure these are ready on the D-Day to welcome all the guests.

As your party theme is so unique, so you will have to rely heavily upon the supplies of a Party decorations supplier. Make sure that the supplier you choose knows everything about this theme. Reputed suppliers provide best quality materials at prices that will not overstretch your budget.

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