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Garden Wedding: Celebrations To A New Beginning

Outdoor or Garden weddings during spring are in vogue today. It is not only beautiful but can also fit into your budget easily. Spring is the perfect time to have a garden wedding. This season prompts the beauty of life and new beginning.

So to create a dream wedding all you need to do is find the right venue and wedding decorator who can transform your dream into mystic delight. Short-listing venues can be both exciting and exhaustive. A thorough search on the internet can help you find options around your locality. Most Garden wedding venues in Sydney have expansive lawns, gardens with splendid settings and breathtaking views, landscaped cottage and rose gardens. Make sure you choose avenue that has a back up plan in case of any rains or extreme weather conditions. Many offer marquee or gazebos in case of difficult weather conditions.

Most venues offer a range of wedding themes and decoration that will blend in with your designs plans. You can also consider your theme based on the given natural settings. Next step is to ensure that your reception decorations align with the theme of your wedding. Reception decorators can help you solve most decoration queries and also provide customized services. Alternatively, you can also enquire with venue owners for similar services. Most venue owners have customized packages for reception decorations, which can help cut overall costs. Reception decorations usually include the centerpiece, isle and wedding table decorations, light settings, music, seating arrangements, floral decorations and welcome gifts.

Flowers will brighten up the entire atmosphere of a garden wedding. So, if your wedding venue does not have enough flowers make it a point to integrate more flowers to bring out the wedding theme. You can ensure that every table has a floral centerpiece. The gazebo can be decorated with floral garland teamed up with ribbons, laces, lights, candles and lanterns. Seating is extremely crucial in an outdoor wedding setup.

Ensure incense sticks, citronella candles are lit around the garden to avoid possible foray of outdoor insects, mosquitos and bees. This will not only enhance the ambience but will also keep the pesky insects at bay.

Having a garden wedding is nothing short of a dream. Hence, ensure that your do a thorough research before deciding your wedding theme, wedding venue, menu, wedding cards, photography, etc. If you want additional help get in touch with a professional wedding decorator who specializes in garden wedding,Sydney decorations.

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