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Garden Decorations Can Be Used Indoors Too

These days, people love to decorate their houses by adding some form of decoration which is usually found outside. Indeed, garden decor is fast becoming the ‘in’ thing even in living rooms etc. Things like wind chimes are hung in patio doorways so that any movement of breeze sends a lovely tinkling sound through the home and this gives a lovely ambience to the whole atmosphere.

With the high-powered lives that most of us live finding something which brings an air of tranquility to our living space must be a good thing. Water fountains outside are quite normal, but there are table top varieties which have a Zen like feel to them. Indeed, some look like a pile of well-rounded pebbles just resting on top of each other and the water is pumped over the top one to drop delicately into the bowl below. This constant movement is supposed to represent the movement of life itself and some find the sound just charming. But it also adds some moisture to the air and this is great for those places where there is no humidity.

For outside spaces, getting a floor plan of the entire place may be just the place to start when considering some other forms of decoration. Along with this the decision of how it is to look and feel is an important factor. Some people will like a riot of colorful plants, whose exuberance brings a feeling of joy, while others will want the well-ordered and austere look of a Chinese oriented atmosphere. This peaceful approach is the Zen like atmosphere already discussed earlier.

In the plan, seating areas or little nooks can be identified to allow people to have hiding places where they can go to just chill out. This, in fact, is what having a private place is about. This makes everyone really appreciate their open places and will certainly add value to the property if it is done well.

Bringing some greenery from outside into the home is also a great idea to bring some atmosphere to the place. Statement plants which are large and tree like will only look good in rooms with high ceilings, while those rooms with less space should be filled with smaller varieties. Glass coffee tables are ideal to place a plant or two beneath since they will still get the light that they need. Also, try putting a plant or two on the stairs as an added touch of color, and in the bathroom too if the space allows.

Deck spaces are ideal points to put in all kinds of decorations also. If a room opens directly onto this space, try carrying the green theme through into the room so that it looks like an outside room. Care is needed here though since any pests which like to chow down on wood will also gain free access to the house itself. Termites are the worst of these creatures and they make a lot of damage if they are left to do their dirty work. Stink bugs too gain access in this way so try to stop this problem before it begins.

Stewart Wrighter recently bought several wind chimes for party favors for his daughter’s birthday. He searched online for garden decor for a landscaping project they are finishing up in their yard.
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