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Fun Thanksgiving Decorations That Make Your Holiday Special

We think of Thanksgiving as a special holiday in which to give thanks for the people who fill our lives with joy. Make this year even more special by honoring your guests around the dinner table with very special decorations.

Here are 5 simple ideas for decorating your table and dining area this Thanksgiving that will be remembered for many years to come.

1) Linens: Layer as many fabrics and colors as possible and you will get a very festive table. Mix layers of colors in your table cloth, runners, and place mats, using golds, greens, and browns to get a fall color look. Use patterned cloth or emboss your linens with stamps using fall leaves, nuts, fruit, etc. You’ll want as many layers, colors, and patterns as possible.

2) Candles: Group pillar candles together using similar fall colors. Place the candles on top of silk fall leaves and surround them with nuts, small gourds, and pine cones. This is an inexpensive but very effective way to create a fall centerpiece.

3) Fruits & Vegetables: Using fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in displays on a buffet is a nice look. Choose bright, colorful produce that will last for a few days. Big shiny apples in various colors is good, so are lemons and limes, as well as some vegetables like artichokes and certainly some small squash. If you’d like your display to last for some months, you may want to invest in some of the pretty artificial food now available.

4) Place Cards: Each guest will know they were chosen specially to share a meal with you when they see their name on a place card. Put some thought into a sentiment you would like to share with each person. Write that sentiment on a card, seal it in an envelope, and use that for the place cards. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to express your feelings and they won’t forget this special occasion.

5) Garlands & Swags: Natural fall elements are perfect for creating warmth in your dining room. Create garlands and swags to place over your dining room door ways, art work, and lighting and the atmosphere will instantly become warm and welcoming. Use fall leaves, pine cones, berries, and even small autumn gourds and squash to create festive ornaments to decorate your dining room’s surfaces, doorways, and lighting fixtures.

Think of all the places you decorate at Christmas and create the same festive feeling for Thanksgiving with fall decorations you can purchase in your local discount or hobby store. These simple ideas will transform your home and make your guests feel welcome… and honored!

Looking for some festive but simple Thanksgiving dinner ideas? Come and see what the folks at FreeQuickRecipes.com have to offer to help you create a Thanksgiving table to remember.

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