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Fabulous Birthday Party Games And Activities For All Ages

Fabulous Birthday party games and printable activities will make a Birthday party very special. Most often people choose to play a variety of games at a Birthday party and this makes an exciting addition to a great Birthday Party. In addition to traditional birthday games having an assortment of printable activities such as Birthday Mazes, Birthday puzzles and Birthday scrambles will add to the celebration. Birthday party games and printable activities along with birthday party decorations and party supplies will make a party very special.

After all, most people enjoy playing Birthday Party Games and Printable Activities ; so having a variety of games will add to the event. All of the guests at a Birthday party would enjoy playing printable party games, or games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Pictionary. Both of these games are perfect for Birthday party guests of all ages and will be a great addition to a party. Pin the Tail on the Donkey, for example, can be adapted for guests of all ages and played a variety of ways. For instance, Pin the Tail on Barney or Put the Backpack on Dora the Explorer can both be great Birthday Party games for younger children where as an exciting game of Pictionary is ideal for older kids and adults. Most people will find that using a Barney or Dora the Explorer poster will be the easiest way of playing either of these games. If a poster is not available, a large beach towel, sheet or drawing of either character will suffice. More often than not, these can be hung almost anywhere and can be used for a variety of games. Dora backpacks and Barney tails can be made from construction paper and can have tape placed on the back of them prior to the game. Both games are played the same. The guest has his or her eyes covered with a blindfold. Then they are spun around three times and handed a backpack (Dora game) or a purple tail (Barney game) and then pointed in the direction of the poster.

The object of the game is to place the object closest to where it is supposed to go on either the Barney or Dora. The other game that is perfect for a Birthday party is Pictionary. Playing Pictionary is quiet easy and can be played with a variety of guests. The hostess makes a list of ten items and places them on index cards and then divides the guests into teams to play. The team with the youngest player on it goes first. This team’s leader chooses an index card and attempts to draw it for the rest of the team without talking. The team then gets three guesses as they attempt to guess the drawing. Each correct answer will garner three points. If they miss the other team gets a chance to guess the object and get the points. The first team that scores 21 points is the winner. Birthday party games and activities such as Pin the Tail on Barney, Put the Backpack on Dora the Explorer and Pictionary will keep the guests entertained for hours.

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