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Express Who You Are Through Your Home Decorations

When you are in school as a child, you were often given paper and crayons and ask to draw a picture of some sort. Usually you would end up drawing things that were special to you in some way or things that interested you. In other words, you put part of your personality and character on the page. It is not different when we are older, only the paper can be the home we live in and the way we decorate it should also give evidence of who we are and what we like.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a natural talent for decorating. If you are someone that struggles with your home interior design, sometimes it is better to keep it simple and go slowly at first. Give yourself time to dream a little and imagine different ways you might like for a room to look. Try to get a feel of what style or theme the room represents to you. Some rooms might make you feel nostalgic and you want to fill them with items that have an old world charm that represents an era that always appealed to you like the Victorian or Art Deco period.

Some rooms can feel a lot more modern in their architecture and should be decorated with furniture and that has sleek lines and bold designs. You might envision furniture that has a more futuristic look made from metals and unusual fabrics. Decorations might be abstract paintings or other art forms that say you are a here and now kind of person.

Once you have decided on a style or theme that suits you, pick your pieces carefully. Buy and add only the pieces of art and furniture that makes you feel good to look at or to use. The more purposes an item in a room can serve the better, especially in a kitchen. Of course, not all items in a room will have a specific purpose because they will just be simply decoration. Try to find items to decorate with that are somewhat unusual and unique. Everyone uses candle holders, but make sure they are candle holders that you like very much and that you will not tire of easily. The same can be said for paintings or prints. Choose them to fit the style of your room and also your own personal taste.

Never be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust if you get stuck with a room you can not seem to get right. Often the eye of an unbiased person can give you ideas you had not thought of before, They might suggest a shelf here or a basket there that can pull everything together. Decorating should be fun and not a chore that you dread. It should make you feel good when you walk into a room that you have put together yourself with things you love to look at and use.

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