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Easter Tree – www eastertrees com Now Selling the Original Easter Tree

CROYDON PARK, NSW, AUSTRALIA, January 27, 2014 – www.EasterTrees.com was founded by one Christian, with one purpose: to share the true meaning of Easter across the globe. Being an active Christian has been a fulfilling experience for me, and sharing what I have learned is part of the process. However, in a world dominated by materialism and shallowness, is it quite difficult to promote true Christians values.

Did you know that?

– Each year, billions of dollars are spent on Easter gifts, chocolate and candy? Is this the true meaning of Easter?

– Recent surveys indicate that up to 90% of the Christians agree with the fact that their children don’t know the true significance of Easter? Are you part of this statistic?

– It was my vision to help Christians find out more about the true meaning of Easter, simply by going a bit further than the commercial aspect of Easter. Easter is about faith, rebirth and forgiveness. You can bring back the true spirit of Easter and share it with your friends and family by rekindling the traditional Easter traditions.

The Original Easter Tree is full of religious meanings:

– It’s an Olive tree, just like the ones in Jerusalem

– White, symbolizing purity

– 3 roots representing the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

– An Empty tree to symbolize Jesus’ Death

– The Ornaments will bring the Easter Tree back to life, symbolizing Jesus’ resurrection.

– Decorating the Easter Tree with products charged with a significant religious meaning, along with the symbolism of the Easter tree will surely turn your Easter experience into a meaningful, uplifting event.

Our Easter Tree is not just another decorative item; it represents the centerpiece of your celebration. Each of the products featured on EasterTrees.com carries a religious significance and you can use it to teach others about the true meaning of Easter or why not, strengthen your own faith!

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