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Easter Day is traditionally heralds the advent of the spring season

The upcoming easter day 2010 will be celebrated on Sunday April 04, 2010. Easter day rendezvous feast, which means that it does not happen on the same date every year. Easter Sunday differ every year. Dates of easter sunday 2010 different of 2009 because it is determined using a calculated lunar calendar. It’s follow the First Sunday, after the First complete moon, after the 21st March. Easter is celebrated in both secular and religious ways by many Christian families all over the world. Easter is the oldest christen festival. The most recognized Easter symbols are eggs and rabbits or hares, both of which are signs of rebirth, fertility and the continuity of life. Eggs are all the more important because their consumption was originally forbidden through the Lent season.

Easter is the time of springtime holiday celebrations. All Christian countries Easter is famous as the religious holiday commemorating the rebirth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Easter vacation celebrations have many legends and customs that are pagan in source and have nothing to do with Christianity. People rejoice Easter according to their beliefs and their religious denominations. Easter is the conclusion of sacred Week as well as the Lent season, which is a time of forty days, excluding Sundays, representative of Jesus Christ’s forty day fast in the desert, during which devout Christians do deeds of spiritual purification and penitence.

Easter 2010 date falls on April, 04,2010 and Easter is highly celebrated globally in the Christian community. Yet every country has its own rituals, traditions, beliefs. Such is the Romania, where people have different customs, depending on the province. Thus, in Bucovina, on rebirth night, young ladies go to the church tower and wash the bell clapper with clean water. Then they clean their faces with this very similar water on Easter morning, in order to look gorgeous all year long and to magnetize young men the same as church bells make people run to the Easter morning mass.

The Easter Bunny’s look within the Easter customs is due to the remains of pagan rituals and deities worshipped in very old times, this lovely animal being seen, the same as today, as a sign of fertility. There is an old northern myth which says that, one winter day, the goddess Eostre found a injured bird in a forest. In order to save the bird, the goddess moved it into a female rabbit, yet leaving it with the capability of laying eggs.

Decorations for Easter are characterized by definite symbolic decoration as well: wax-embossed eggs adorned with straw star designs, and dyed eggs with scratched designs are a common sight everywhere during the Easter celebrations. Easter bunnies available in various designs and shapes are a craze entire the world. With the passage of time, exclusive Easter decorations in the form of floral ‘standing rabbits’, a varying set containing Easter hens, eggs and Easter candles in dissimilar shapes, colors and sizes are receiving wide popularity in numerous countries.

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