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Christmas Party Decorations

Make your guests feel more than welcome with Christmas Party Decorations that will put everyone in the mood to celebrate in the festivities. There is nothing better than walking into your Christmas office party, neighborhood party, or even just a relative’s home for the holidays and experiencing the sheer beauty of Christmas decorations. Generally, when you decide to have a Christmas Party, it helps to have a theme for your party. It can help you in your planning, and it can allow you to have a central theme for the day or season.

Winter Wonderland

Start out by having most of your Christmas party decorations in white, silver and a blue accent. This will help make it look like the glow of snow. You can fill up glass containers with white ornaments, white candies, and place wreath’s on doors and walls painted white to simulate snow. Some people bring in artificial snow, or even go so far as to purchase a white artificial Christmas tree for their party.

Another great idea is to position white snowmen in various places in the room, all dressed in different clothes. Remember as well to serve some hot chocolate to your guests accented with a white candy cane.

The Twelve Days Christmas

You can base your Christmas party decorations on the different verses of the song, such as the partridge in a pear tree. You can buy artificial partridges to decorate your room, your tree, and your wreaths. You can also hang them from the ceiling using invisible thread.

If you can find a pear tree to put them on, that will be even better.

You can then do the same thing with the turtle doves and four calling birds. Another great idea is the five golden rings. You can buy gold wreaths, or you can buy some green wreaths or pinecone wreaths and spray paint them gold. You then can tie together all the aspects of the song and make it come to life in your theme.

Party in the North Pole In Santa’s Workshop

This is a great idea for the young at heart. Bring out Santa and all his little helpers to pull off this one. You can use Christmas party decorations such as Santa and his sledded reindeer and elves working in the North Pole helping Santa make his gifts. Consider dressing up your helpers as elves and designating someone to dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus to add a little character to your party. Find decorations that will make it look like Santa’s workshop, add some fake snow, and you’ve got a workshop ready for a party.

Nativity Scene

This more religious traditional theme can be carried out by using Christmas party decorations that remind your guests of the nativity scene. The best way is to set up a manger scene for your guests to admire. You can find a manger with the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph along with the three wise men. You can also use traditional ornaments as decorations and place smaller nativities throughout your party for people to admire. This more traditional approach will help get everyone into the true meaning of Christmas.

No matter how you decorate for your party, make your guests walk away with the feeling that you were happy they joined in on the jovial occasion.

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