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Christmas Decorations – Is Stepping it Up on Your Wish List?

For centuries, people have had the desire to decorate the space they live in with decorations that appear to serve no other purpose than to create beauty. While Christmas decorations seem to be the most plentiful, we have come to decorate for many events in honor of not only holidays but personal achievements and milestones as well. We associate specific Christmas decorations with the tradition of the holiday such as Christmas trees with, of course, ornaments and lights to decorate it, as well as Christmas wreaths and fireplace decorations. The residual of creating beauty during special holidays carries the sweet memories through out the year.

Christmas decorating as a practice is usually attributed to Francis of Assisi for his unique mass in 1223. In an effort to bring the story of Jesus to life, St. Francis was the first to recreate a nativity scene with hay and animals inside a natural cave and perform his mass alongside the display. This visual representation of the Christmas story later evolved into decorating churches and homes as a holiday tradition.

You may have holiday traditions that are dear to you or new ones you would like to incorporate. Creating a more harmonious or festive feeling takes work, but pictures and videos and even just the memories in your mind will encourage the effort it will take. “How to videos” can meet your needs in topics that range from Christmas centerpieces to Christmas trees, with garlands and mantles in between.

The simplest touch can make the difference for warmth and eye flow. Have you ever walked into a home that gave you a warm and inviting feeling? Have you ever been in a setting that was “wow”? Even if it wasn’t your style, you may have wished you could express yourself that way. Whether it is dramatic or peaceful and serene, let us explore the possibilities of Christmas decorating ideas that meet your needs.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if all this fuss over holiday decorations is really necessary. Possibly not, but if unique Christmas ornaments lovingly and strategically placed around a Christmas tree warms your heart and brings a feeling of awe for the holidays – do it!

In preparation, is it possible to imagine and create your perfect holiday for the upcoming season with fall and Christmas decorating? The transition can blend from one holiday to the next and we can explore these ideas in the next several months.

Do you cut out pictures in magazines or explore Christmas party themes online? Try going to different stores that specialize in holiday decorations will show you the latest trends. Many stores already have holiday themes from Halloween to Christmas on the shelves if you need inspiration or ideas. Often times it is more interesting to create your own trend or theme without worrying about the latest look in the stores though. There are so many great finds at thrift and antique stores and if you enjoy a modern look you can create the style with less product, as a rule.

So think back on your special memories of your family’s traditions and look around at your current style. Take what you know and what you like to find your perfect blend of holiday decorations through the fall season. What ever your idea of stepping it up for the holidays may be, find or create that special item to work around, and go with it. It may be your most memorable holiday ever!

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