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Celebrating a decade of your marriage

Marriages are of course made in heaven but it is upon the couple to see that the relation stays as fresh and exciting as it was on the wedding day! Couples go out of the way to put the jazz back in their wedding, often spending on elaborate renewal ceremonies. A fabulous anniversary can be made all that more special with Invitation Cards for Anniversary. Also there are other tiny things that will add to the glamor quotient of your wedding anniversary; but first –

Get your expenses planned out: Do not have an ‘as-things-happen’ budget. If you are planning to get everything done with the optimum cost, then decide how much you want to spend on everything from the food to drinks and Invitation Cards for your Anniversary. An elaborate wedding can cost you as much as your wedding without you planning for it in the first place. Even if you want to make your anniversary grander than your wedding, be prepared about it and if nothing else be sure to have the budget laid out in details.

Special anniversary card: The day you got wed is as special as your 10th marriage anniversary, why you ask, well because that special date comes only once. Make it special with Invitation Cards for Anniversary exclusively designed for the occasion. On the recipient’s list keep everyone who was with you the first time you did it. If personalization is your thing and you are good with making designs and stuff, buy what you need from a nearby store and start putting it all together for an amazing wedding anniversary card.

Reliving the moment: Renewal ceremonies are symbolic, there are absolutely no legal or religious ramifications. It is unnecessary to have a priest attend just for effect. Do realize that not all religious community can create an exact redo of the original wedding. Know your religious constraints for a flawless reaffirmation ceremony on your anniversary. And just so that your guests know what you have in mind, mention about it on Invitation Cards for Anniversary you send out to your guests.

Grand decorations: No one knows about the future, take your time and make your present perfect instead. Go for grand decorations, when everything is said and done, your guests will remember two things distinctly: what you wore and how grand the decorations were, of course some guests obsess over the food, and we will come to that shortly, but before that you need to ensure every guest is amazed at the grand scale of your anniversary decorations.

Food: Refreshments are always in order after the ceremony. Here is a brilliant idea you can use, sit down with your spouse and make a list of your personal favorites, you can also ask your kids for their favorites, after all it is a personal event which means you can create your own personalized menu.

After 10 years of marriage, your anniversary holds a special meaning; celebrate it in style by sending out the best Invitation Cards for Anniversary.

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