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Celebrate That Special Anniversary with Anniversary Party Supplies, Fun and Friends

An anniversary is a special day, whether it’s a first wedding anniversary, a celebration of the length of employment at a job or company, or a 50th anniversary party. So, the anniversary party supplies have to be great.

Set the mood for the anniversary celebration with wonderful decorative touches and creative place settings and supplies. An elegant or classy sign announcing the occasion should be the first thing that the guests see. The centerpiece and tableware should be inviting, too. So, make a list of everything needed, before stepping out to gather all of the anniversary party supplies.

A lively celebration will have games for the guests to play and become involved in. These can include games, toasts, or even karaoke when the evening is getting later and the guests are a little looser. Because this anniversary party is making a special time in the life of the guest of honor, others might give speeches about that person. They can be serious, or they can be humorous. Plan on having someone or several people tape the speeches and stories so the guests and honoree can have them as memories. These tapes can be converted to DVDs or ( with the guests’ permission) placed on a website for everyone to see. This would be a great party favor, so be sure to put “DVDs” on the list of party supplies, too.

Some anniversary celebrations are formal dinner parties. If the party is a formal dinner then the caterer will provide meal choices as you are making the dinner arrangements. But if the party is being held at a home or a hall, then the food will be another issue to consider. The number of guests will determine the amount of food that should be available. This is another area where having the event catered would be a time and worry saver. Sometimes the caterer includes a couple of servers to distribute the food among the guests. And there might also be a buffet set up, so that other guests can help themselves.

Have a large enough selection to allow for the various tastes, likes and dislikes of the guests. Meat and potatoes is great, but some people may not eat meat, so have some vegetarian items available also. And some may even be vegan. These items will, most likely, need to be labeled for the convenience of those guests. These considerations should also be made when choosing the salads and desserts.

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