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Are You Throwing Or Having A Bridal Shower?

When it comes to any kind of a get together the party is always the main focus. Obviously it’s important to plan everything out beforehand but one of the major things you should be concentrating on with incredible attentiveness when it comes to a bridal shower is the invitations!

With most other parties or get togethers you could just as well send out an invitation 2 weeks before the party or even call them and tell them they are invited. However, with a bridal shower the “rules” are completely different.

Even if you actually see a person and you invite them to the party it’s still good etiquette to send them an invitation through snail mail. And unless the bride doesn’t want it done like this, then that is the golden rule you should follow! If you are the one who is in charge of the bridal shower or of the invitations, don’t worry – no need to panic!

This is actually a very simple and incredibly fun thing for you to be in charge of. As aforementioned this is unlike any other party, you can’t just send out invitations whenever you like. It’s a rule of thumb that you wait no less than 4 weeks before the bridal shower.

This gives the guests enough time to make sure that they are free that day or night plus again, it’s just common courtesy! As the person in charge of invitations you will also need to pick out a theme. If you want you could even visit your favorite search engine and do a few inquiries there but here are a few ideas just to get your juices flowing:

Food Theme – This theme is perfect for the bride that loves to putter around the kitchen, or just has a favorite cuisine. If your guest of honor loves oriental cuisine, you could dress up your shower venue with lanterns and chopsticks and maybe order food from her favorite takeaway restaurant.

If it is Italian that she loves, you can go the Italian way in decorations and food, etc. For gifts, you can ask the guests to bring kitchen items and gadgets for the bride that loves to cook. If you want to go all out, you could even have a chef or expert cook a meal in front of everyone.

Holiday Season – The winter holiday season is looked forward to by almost everyone, and it also burns a big whole in our pockets. With this theme the newly weds can look forward to their first holiday season together as man and wife without worrying about the expenses.

With this theme they would have been “showered” some of the holiday decorations and ornaments to get them started. This theme works well if the wedding is occurring shortly before or around the winter holidays. The decorations for the event are of course holiday decorations. For food you could serve cookies and cider or eggnog.

Travel or Honeymoon Theme -This is a great theme for a couple who is making a big trip for their honeymoon. You can ask the guests to bring items that the couple will need for their travels. Some examples are suitcases, beach towels, hiking shoes, or anything related to their trip. To decorate for the shower you could hang a big map of the world and travel posters, or decorate the room like the place the couple will be traveling to.

Tea Party Theme – A tea party is a great way to get people together for any occasion, but it also is a great way to host a bridal shower. Instead of disposable party supplies use good china. Make dainty heart shaped sandwiches and decorate the room with lots of flowers if your budget allows them, or use balloons and banners meant for a shower.

Beach Theme – Whether you are planning a beach wedding on a tropical island, a party on a cruise ship or at a beach resort on your favorite island, you will find wonderful beach wedding favors and decorations below. We have hundreds of unique party favor ideas for any beach themed event. Some popular beach wedding favors include flip flop candles, palm tree cookies, seashell wine stoppers and personalized mint tins.

If you are hosting a destination wedding with a tropical or island theme, how about favors like personalized seashells as the perfect keepsakes for your wedding guests. Or give your guests practical favors such as mini buri fans to keep them cool and comfortable from the summer heat. We hope you will enjoy browsing our unique collection of beach themed party favors and decorations.

The point of the theme is to pick something that the Bride loves but you can also go with a theme that would compliment the time of year such as the holiday theme. The great thing about themes is that there are so many different choices to choose from, you really cannot go wrong! The theme will also be the building blocks of where the invitations should go as far as the theme as well.

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