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A Romantic Garden Wedding in Sydney will Keep Down Costs

Many brides choose to minimise the cost of their wedding by choose a garden wedding in Sydney or even a beach wedding. Going casual and outdoors saves a great deal on the cost of the wedding, but it also means that you can have your wedding on the date that is suitable for you, rather than having to wait until there is a venue available that you can afford.

Having your wedding in your own garden will certainly be convenient with no worries about when it will be free and available. However, not everyone has a big enough space, so the next best thing is to choose a public venue such as the beach, a park or some other touristy spot that is pretty – and has the lawn mown regularly. Just don’t choose the day when the mowing man is due.

When you choose such a venue, you will need to get certain props to make it more suitable for a wedding. It is easy to enhance the site with a carpet runner, nicely covered chairs for the guests, a table and chairs for signing the registry and other nice decorations that will add to the occasion. These can be flowers, topiary, a decorated archway, gazebo, parasols and lighting.

You may also like to add a speaker and sound system to all those reception decorations, so that your guests can actually hear you say, “I do.” When you are outdoors, sound tends to drift away because there are no walls to bounce it back. There can also be other sounds that intrude, such as wind, surf or traffic, depending on where you are.

If you are having the reception outdoors too, choose the kind of wedding table decorations that are not likely to blow away in the wind. Coloured glass pebbles would be more appropriate than scattered petals or light paper decorations; low flower decorations will be less likely to blow over than high ones. And it is always good to have a Plan B in case the weather should turn rainy unexpectedly.

Once you start to organise that wedding, you will be glad to know that you don’t have to go into debt to have a wedding that is romantic and everything that you could wish for. You just have to think outside the box, and get a little help from a wedding professional who will have many items on hand to help you.

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