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7 Must Have Items For Thanksgiving Table Decor

If Thanksgiving is to be at your house this year, you know you’ll be doing everything you can to make it a truly special occasion for everyone. Not only will you be having family over, but you will probably have family and friends over that you have not seen since last Thanksgiving. You will be prepping food for days and when it comes to making that perfect turkey and dressing, you can either use Mom’s recipe or do enough research online to equal a graduate thesis for a doctorate degree. A great way to share in the holiday spirit is with great Thanksgiving table décor and other decorations around your home.

The most important part of Thanksgiving is spent at the table, even though there are some who think the nap on the couch watching football is important as well, so having great holiday decorations on your table sets things off just right.

Here are some things you will definitely want to have on your Thanksgiving decoration list:

1. A cornucopia centerpiece is very symbolic for Thanksgiving. The proverbial ‘horn of plenty’ gives everyone the opportunity to appreciate having enough food as well as wonderful friends and family to share it with.

2. Having Thanksgiving table décor such as themed plates adds another layer of joviality and warmth to the table.

3. Thanksgiving themed napkins not only match the plates but give you a great place to wipe off the cranberry sauce instead of using your sleeve.

4. Having small pumpkins and gourds sitting on end tables and even the coffee table makes for another way to dress up your tables.

5. If you really want to have a great Thanksgiving scene, try dressing up your tables with carefully arranged hay and pumpkins.

6. Hanging a fall themed wreath on your doors or on a wall is another great way to have your home decorations say “Thanksgiving!”.

7. Perhaps the most important table décor to have will be all of the great food you prepared because nothing makes a table more appealing than having great food like the turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and green beans. This kind of decoration is what everyone wants to see.

Thanksgiving is the time of year when friends and family gets together to enjoy the happiness and good fortune of the year and to have a great time. Sharing a great meal with people you truly care for and enjoying good food and good conversation or even falling asleep on the couch while watching the traditional football match-ups is what Thanksgiving is all about. All the effort of cooking, setting up great Thanksgiving table décor and even having to travel is definitely worth it.

There are all kinds of decorations you can use to make this holiday great like Thanksgiving place cards for dinner, stationery for letters and much more. Daisy Emert sends letters on Thanksgiving stationery every year so everyone can get in the holiday mood.
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