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6 Holiday Decorations Everyone In The Neighborhood Will Love

We celebrate many patriotic holidays during the summer such as Flag Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and even the Fourth of July. In backyards and parks across the country, red, white, and blue are the colors of the day for holiday decorations.

When planning a celebratory party or barbecue, you’ll definitely want to show your patriotic flair. But are red plates and blue napkins enough? How can you make your summer holiday decor stand out?

The most memorable way is to use regular everyday items in new and unexpected ways.

• You can make a neat wreath for the gate or for your front door. For a real standout, spray-paint an old bicycle wheel, tire included, with white paint. After that, weave red and blue streamers and ribbons through the spokes and attaching small flags looks great.

• Bring your dishtowels out of the kitchen, at least if they are red, white, or blue! Fold them around a large-size zip-top plastic bag, staple along the sides, and tuck the ends into the bag. Place the stems of fresh-cut flowers, such as blue hydrangeas or red roses, inside the bag along with some water. Use clothespins to hang the bags to ropes strung around the edges of your party area. Getting your friends involved in the party décor is always a great idea. Guests have more fun when they are busy.

• Paint one or more pieces of masonite or sheetrock with red or blue chalkboard paint and place them around the party area. Use a coordinating container to hold chalk and encourage your guests to leave a message or critique your hosting skills.

• Use a red or blue tablecloth to cover your party table then put a large sheet of blank white paper on top. Distribute several red and blue crayons along the table for drawing and messaging. Remove the paper before you eat and hang it up near the table. Whether your party is outdoors or inside, lighting is an important part of your summer holiday decor.

• Using red, white and blue Christmas lights, wind them around posts, trees and the patio furniture so you can add flair to your patriotic décor.

• Paint small jars, such as canning jars, with red or blue glass paint. Put a tea candle or glowstick inside them and put them in safe places away from areas where they may get knocked over by kids or pets.

Once you get started, you’ll find lots of creative ideas for adorable summer holiday decorations.

Taking the time to find the right holiday party decorations for your Forth of July celebrations is worth the time and effort.Evelyn Oakley finds amazing Forth of July decorations from Current Catalog that leave her the envy of the neighborhood.

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