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3 Summer Holiday Decorations The Kids Will Love

The summer holidays are landmarks in a child’s life. Even though the warm weather, fun and freedom gives summer a truly special feel, enhancing your kids summer experience with great summer holiday decorations will enhance their creativity, give them opportunities to spend quality time and gives them great memories.

Decorative Pinwheels-

These lively summertime decorations are sure to brighten up your yard. One great craft idea that you and your kids can enjoy is making pinwheels which are easy to make. Alternatively, you can let your kids choose their favorites from a home and garden supplier. Plant the pinwheels in the yard or along the edge of a flower bed. Experiment together to find the placement that best catches the wind.


A wooden birdhouse to build or paint is a great summer craft to share and enjoy. Buy and assemble a birdhouse craft kit or, for a quicker craft, simply purchase a finished but unpainted wooden birdhouse. Let your kids each paint one birdhouse with their favorite patterns or colors. Older kids may want to paint their birdhouses with a theme to create a “bird castle,” a rocket or a tiny house with windows and a picket fence painted on. They can create birdhouses for the Fourth of July, painted like their favorite sports team or even for birthdays to create summertime decorations that are truly memorable.

Barbecue Decorations-

Backyard cookouts can provide some of the most lasting summertime memories. Help your kids get into the action by letting them decorate the yard when you’re going to have a barbecue, whether it’s just a family affair or a big event with friends and neighbors.

A tiki party is one easy theme. All it takes are some tiki torches and letting the kids plant them along the walkway and around the yard will be fun. Cut out and decorate tiki masks as a favor for your guests’ children. If you have the time, you can create decorative paper-mache tiki faces. Cover a big box or bucket in layers of paper-mache mixture, molding noses other facial features as you go. After the face is dried, use paint to decorate it.

Another theme is a Chinese dragon festival. Use paper lanterns, dragon masks and a bucket of store-bought fortune cookies. Kids may also enjoy creating flags for a Fourth of July party, flower necklaces (leis) for a Hawaiian luau or even whimsical decorations like paper trees and tiny polystyrene snowmen for a Christmas in June theme. All it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking, a little time and some inexpensive supplies and your kids can make summer holiday decorations that are not only fun, but will be memorable forever.

When planning your Summer celebrations, it’s always a good idea to decorate in a way that appeals to both adults and children. Evelyn Oakley loves shopping online at Current Catalog because she is able to find the best prices on holiday decorations.
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