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Important Birthday Party Supplies-You mustn’t forget

This article is for the people who are wondering what birthday party supplies are required. Most party supply shops will be able to help you with this dilemma and actually even suggest a few things you have not thought about. These are very basic things, but can be very critical if not taken care of at the correct time. Imagine the cake has been cut and there are no spoons or plates to eat the cake from.

Let s take a look at a few important birthday party supplies that you must have.


It is very important cutlery is bought or placed an order for. Depending upon the kind of party you are having you can decide whether you will require plastic cutlery or you will require steel ones. It is sometimes better to have plastic or disposable cutlery as then once the party is over all you have to so be discard them all and you can clean up much easily.

This includes:

Serving spoon
Cake Knife and Cake server

You will require big dinner plates as well as smaller quarter plates, which can be used for serving cake or starters. You can bring out the big dinner plates only when serving dinner. You will also require plates for passing around the starters amongst the guests.

Cups and Glasses

You will require different types of cups and glasses for serving the beverages. If you are serving alcohol then you will require different glasses to suit each liquor. Soft drinks for kids can be served in disposable glasses that won t even break if dropped and also makes it much easier considering the running around they all do.

Glasses you will require for kids parties:

Tall disposable glasses with theme printed pictures to carry on the theme of the party

Small cups for drinking soup those are heat resistant so that the kids can hold the cup without getting burnt.

Glasses you will require for adults parties:

Wine glasses
Whisky glasses
Champagne flutes
Beer glasses
Water glasses
Cocktail and mocktail glasses


You either use napkins made from cloth or use disposable napkins that are a better idea as after the party is over all you have to do is collect them and throw them in the bin. Many party supplies offer you napkins in various sizes that come printed with theme related images.

Birthday Party Decoration

Decorations are one of the most important things that you need to take care of. Here are some essential party decorations that you must not forget about.

Party hats and Masks
Paper Streamers
Party Horns and Blowers

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Matthew Condon is an event organiser based in Sydney with an experience of over 15 years in organising parties and events across Australia. He is known for his skill of uniquely designing party themes. He loves blogging and trekking and this passion has taken him places around the world and inspired his work as well. www.thispartystarted.com.au
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