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Hollywood Party Time-Party Decorations, Ideas Plus 16 VIP Things To Check

Because they are enormous events in their own right, sometimes over-the-top party themes are called for special occasions and birthdays. One of the most successful adult party themes is the Hollywood party theme, which when done well can turn into a wonderful night and a party that will be remembered by your friends and family for a long time. If you’ve never been to one before, it is not too difficult to organise, once you put some effort into getting themed Hollywood adult party supplies, adult party boxes and some suitable party accessories.

For guests who enjoy a great party and especially if they are a fan of the glitzy lifestyle, or role playing a larger than life personality, the Hollywood party works out to be an excellent choice. If you think about parties that you have either hosted or attended, the recipe of making it work when there is no theme, is actually more difficult than when a well thought out party theme is used.

Planning A Great Hollywood Party
Further below, there is a simple party checklist which you can work through in a logical order, ticking off the tasks as they have been carried out.

The first step to be taken is to get out those invitations to the intended guests announcing the big day. Giving a decent amount of notice to your invitees will give the party a better chance of success. Why not consider buying some thank you cards at the same time, as that will be your party stationery done and dusted, as they say??

With the theme being a Hollywood party, those invitations should be loud and bold ones to be sure. A great idea is to fashion them in the format seen at award shows made by those presenting the awards. One of my favourites is the award night invitations and seals; they make a great start to that Hollywood feeling.

Hollywood Party Decorations
The next step is to put some thought into finding the most amazing decorations one can find that will have people continuing to talk about what they have seen for a long time to come. The driveway or walkway entrance can be made to resemble the Hollywood Walk Of Fame complete with a red carpet. That walkway can be lined with velvet ropes and passes can even be issued to the invited guests allowing them to tread on it. Large banners emulating theatre marquees can be prominently displayed.

A great Hollywood sign that welcomes guests to an exciting evening of great fun can be presented if the budget allows for it. Life style statuettes can be placed where guests can pose and take great photos with. The home can also be transformed into a Hollywood party that is so exclusive by the use of VIP stage covers.

Hollywood Party Extras And Food
Keep in mind that only the very best beverages and foods are served at the best Hollywood parties. Whether you decide to hire a caterer to get the job done or do it yourself, make certain to have all the necessary items available so that the guests can easily enjoy and take advantage of the offerings. It should also be remembered to make certain to decorate every table with special centre-pieces. The final thing to keep in mind is to remember to provide a bag full of special treats-party favours for all guests to take home with them.

Party Planning 16 Point Checklist
1. Consider your guests carefully with any other family members, housemates, partner: define this guest list together, and make the list in readiness for when you have bought the invitations.
2. Consider the venue for the party – will you have it in your home or in a hired location? Home can be more work for you but you will have more intimacy and control, whereas a hired location is less work, but more money.
3. Decide on the theme, or mood/purpose of the party.
4. Buy invitations that reflect the theme or the mood you wish the party to project
5. Buy thank you cards at the same time for your guests
6. Consider also buying party favours at this time
7. Now that you have the ball rolling, decide on the colour scheme and make notes as you assess your venue – for decorations, tables and general venue ideas.
8. If you haven’t already discussed budget, then do so, and try to stick to it – ideally you should portion it for the various elements also, this will make it easier to define and stick to.
9. According to the venue and the budget buy as many party decorations as you can as setting the ambience is very important – if budget doesn’t stretch too far, then cleverly choose ones that will make a big impact (like VIP entrance and red carpet for the Hollywood theme) and then be creative and make other decorations.
10. Buy adult party boxes or adult party bags in accordance with your theme, as they add to the fun and spirit of the party.
11. If there is any fancy dress involved, buy yours as early on as possible, as you have plenty to do and ensure that the invitees are fully aware also.
12. Food and drink – will be very specific to each party, but should be well organised and thought out in advance.
13. Music – get a selection of music ready which fits the theme or mood, so that you can feel relaxed on the night.
14. Entertainment – if the budget stretches there are many different party entertainers available, choose one that you have heard good things about ideally and someone who fits the theme if possible also.
15. If you are having the party at home, do a small list of what needs to be removed, reorganised, and organise children and animals out of the way of an adult party.
16. To keep the budget as effective as possible buy your party supplies online with a reputable party supplies online shop.

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