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Don’t Go Crazy With Home Decorations

A lot of people have made a career out of the home decorating business. They advise the consumer on home decorations yet some of them have no more decorating training than the average person. Choosing home decorations is a matter of taste more than knowing what the current decorating trends are. If the home decorations you choose are comfortable and appealing to you, how can you be wrong?

Your home decorations are the details that give your home the finished look. They add pizazz, elegance and style to your living space. Decorations are the elements that define your character and the character of your home. However, the deciding factor behind your decoration choice is usually your budget. But that can be an advantage. It can present a challenge that will trigger your imagination and creativity to come up with something you may not have thought of.

Decorations can be added to every room in your home. From the back porch to your bathroom, appropriately chosen decorations can add a special flavor to each room and make it special. Home decorations can be a pillow on a chair, a vase of flowers on the end table or a steering wheel bolted to your teens bedroom wall. Home decorations can be functional and provide storage as well as style such as a set of matching food containers on the kitchen counter or a nice brass coat hook in the mud room. Even a toilet paper cozy in the bathroom can give your bathroom a spot of elegance. Home decorations can be seasonal and fun. A string of lights around your front door at Christmas will help Santa find his way to your house.

Home decorations can actually help you sell your house or condo. They give the space the kind of appeal that subliminally triggers the “I want to buy this place” impulse in a potential buyer. Home decorations give an air of comfort to a home or condo. The number one selling point is functionality but running a close second is comfort and comfort sells. On the other hand too many decorations may lead the buyer to believe the owner is trying to hide a lot of imperfections that might otherwise go unnoticed.

When selling your home or condo you want to accentuate the positive. This is the perfect time to add decorations that are functional as well as practical and comfortable. Brightly colored stacking shelves in the kids room, will get the toys off the floor and show how spacious the room is. The same can be done for the laundry room. Dirty clothes heaped in the corner look messy and sloppy and sometimes just plain gross. But dirty laundry in a laundry basket will make the room look functional and will be more appealing to a potential buyer. Kitchens can be a problem for homeowners. Pots and pans that tumble out of the cabinet do not give the kitchen the look of a well maintained area. Pot hangers well placed around the kitchen will keep the cabinets and uncluttered and give the kitchen a look of functionality.

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