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Cheap Home Decorations – Decorating Your Living Room

Wether you are purchasing a new home and decorating it for the first time or redecorating your existing home designingcents.com is your one stop for all your cheap home decorations and design needs. The living room is often the room most used by families and when it comes time to decorate it there are a few minor points to keep in mind.

Focal point:

This is a usually the largest object in the room. This can be a large piece of furniture, such as a nice curio cabinet, a fire place or other such object that can become the center piece or focal point of the room and the starting point for the style of room.

At designingcents.com you can leisurely browse through our catalog for a wide selection of cheap home decorations and accents to accentuate the decor and expand the focal point of an living room.

Paint Ideas and Designs:

A fresh coat of paint or new painting technique can refresh or even totally change the style of a room. It is good to keep in mind the color of the home decor and use a color that compliments your style.

Area Rugs:

A nice area rug is a cheap home decoration that can do wonders for a room. It can serve to break up and to update an area without breaking the bank.

Pictures and Mirrors:

Adding a large picture or mirror on the main wall of the living area can also add size and dimension to a living room while still remaining with in a budget.


A room’s lighting can set the mood and style to any room. If the living area has a large chandelier of a certain style or time period for example, it can set the tone for all of the decorations that follow. Updating a room’s lighting with a few candles or a couple new lamps is a great way to change a room’s style and is as easy as purchasing a couple of cheap home decorations for designingcents.com.

Coffee or Sofa Tables:

Adding as little as one or two new pieces of furniture can update a room’s style and can be as simple as purchasing a new coffee or sofa table.


Plants are a wonderful addition to any room and add warmth and a simple way to bring a bit of the outside in to any room. A large plant can become the focal point from which to start or a just a few hanging plants in the window can do wonders for the style and feel of your living room.

Rearranging the furniture you already have:

Sometimes a change can be as simple as moving the furniture you have around. Use your imagination and experiment with different ideas. A small room can be made to appear large by the placement of furniture or a large room more welcoming by placing pieces in sets and breaking up the room in to areas.

The most important thing when it comes to decorating your home on any budget is to trust yourself and your instincts and the best place to start to get your imagination flowing is designingcents.com where you will find everything you need in cheap home decorations that offer both style and ideas for the budget conscience. Come back soon and often to browse our catalogs or to read one of our many articles that will entice your imagination and please your wallet as well.

Ryan Harris works as a home stager in Dallas, Texas. He currently has a home design blog of tips and how-to advice for creating and using Cheap Home Decorations.

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